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Our Story, 

I am a local nurse and a mom of two that lives locally, I started making products for my clients as a thank you gift, but I want to share these products with everyone as well. I hope you enjoy them.

Our Products By Serenity at your door 

We are introducing you to our Home Made all natural organic products. 

Our product list is the following , keep in mind we can customize any of our products for you

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List of our products is; 

  • Home made natural organic soaps
  • Whipped soap 
  • Sugar butter 
  • Sugar scrub 
  • Home made Candles 
  • Home made bath salts 
  • Lip balm
  • Lotion and moisturizers 
  • Shower steamers 
  • Aromatherapy products 

Each product will contain a variety of flavours based on availability. If you have any special requests based on allergies, etc. please email us your request. 

You can request a gift box with Mix and match each gift box, our boxes can be made for all holidays or special events 

All of our products are Hand-poured all-natural, are infused with pure essential oils and sustainable ingredients. Your skin will be smitten with our moisturizing soap bar. 

The time and care we put into making our products is evident in the quality, texture, and aroma. All our products are natural, environmentally friendly, and have not been tested on animals. We include a variety of flavors, scents, custom essential oil blends, colours and shapes. You can purchase individually or a gift box.

Serenity at your door loves to support in the communities each year Serenity supports local charities and also donates gift baskets . Each of the products sold a dollar will be donated to a local charity we are supporting, each year is different a charity we support .

Thank you for supporting us and in the communities 

Our Flavours

Blue raspberry mango
Mango papaya
Pink champagne papaya
Tea tree and eucalyptus
Blue Pineapple
Coconut Velvet
Cream soda
Rose Grape
Strawberry Lime
Pink grapefruit
Honey coconut
Blue mango
Strawberry and banana
White Ginger


  • Peppermint
  • Strawberry
  • Blue raspberry grape
  • Rose purple peppermint
  • Pink Lemonade

Price $ 2 each or 2 for $3 dollars

Sugar Scrub

Made with coconut, mango, grape seed aloe vera and apricot.

$5 dollars each

Whipped Soap

Mango butter, grape seed, Aloe vera, honey ale.

$6 dollars each

Bath Salts

Epsom salt and Himalayan pink salt

$3 dollars each

Mattress protection


BedBug Proof * Water Proof * Allergy Proof

MATERIAL – Soft Natural Cotton & Poly Blend & Stretchable
FEATURES – 5YR WARRANTY: Bed Bug & Incontinence proof – Allergy proof



MATERIAL – Cotton / Poly Blend
FEATURES – 5YR WARRANTY:Water proof – Allergy proof

Shower Steamers

The shower steamer slowly dissolves, releasing aromatics that serve your body’s needs. Whether you’re needing a boost of mood, natural energy, or wanting to wind down, we’ve got a steamer for you.

Serenity uses all natural all good quality ingredients in our products . All products are organic and healthy .
Can be custom colours and scents available


  • Blue, white diamond
  • Purple Sunflower
  • Sweet pea white
  • Coconut white
  • Winter musk

Small candles are 6 tealights for $ 3 dollars, Medium candles are $ 3.50 each.

Large candle is $ 9 dollars each.

Home Made Deodorant Himalayan salt

  • It Allows You to Sweat. Sweating is your body’s natural cooling mechanism. 
  • It Stops Odor Naturally.
  • You’ll Feel Confident in Your Safety.
  • It’s Skin-Friendly.

Pink – pink champagne mango papaya
Blue – blue, white ginger

$5 Dollars each

Bubble Bath

Bubbles are not just for fun or aesthetics, they have real potential to ‘clean’ your skin. But this means that it’s important to know exactly what kind of ‘cleaning product’ you’re using.

When done correctly baths have the ability to moisturize the skin and slough off dead skin cells. Serenity at your door uses all natural organic products to ensure you skin feels rejuvenated.

Can be custom colours or scents available

$8 dollars a spray bottle

Milk Rose Bath

  • Rich in skin-nourishing lipids.
  • Gently exfoliates with lactic acid.
  • High levels of proteins and amino acids.
  • Soothes irritated, red skin.
  • Hydrates and refreshes dry skin.
  • High levels of antioxidants.
  • Purifies and tones the skin.


All soaps are made natural and organic.

Primary base is mango, aloe vera, honey ale, grape seed and essential oils and papaya.

Variety of colours and colours are naturally made great for adults and kids.

Soaps are $6 dollars each.

Custom Gift Baskets

Custom Gift boxes can be made for any occasion

Donut Gift Boxes 

$15 dollars each box

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